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The University of Abra and Central Bicol State University of Agriculture joined together for the President's Night held last November 10, 2022 at ML's Avenue, University of Abra, Bangued Campus. Deans and Chairpersons together with other Administrative Officials attended the event to welcome the visitors and partners from Central Bicol State University of Agriculture headed by their President, Dr. Albert Naperi.
The program commenced with an Opening Prayer and followed immediately by the singing of Pilipinas kong Mahal led by the UA Band. Subsequently, Prof. Leo T. Pasos, Executive Dean of UA Bangued Campus officially opened the event with his words of welcome. "By January, University of Abra will also visit Bicol" he expressed.
Dr. Alberto Naperi, the finest man and the President of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, shared his love for culture and traditions of Abra through his speech. "History defines us today," was one of the notable line he stated.
During the event, WAWAGI (Wanwan Agdadal Waday ASIST Gameng Itneg) group from the UA Main Campus performed 3 performances namely, Pallooc, a mass/group dance, Tadek, a couple dance accompanied with Lablabaan, and a popular song called Salidummay, followed by a mesmerizing dance number performed by Bangued Cultural Affairs Society of the University of Abra Bangued Campus.
Dr. Gregorio Turqueza, University of Abra President delivered the words of thanks and led the clink of glasses so visitors could feel the welcoming, secure, and appreciative atmosphere in the place. The visit is intended to establish a research partnership for production, extension, and instruction in the future.
Truly, It was a night of partnership, socialization and entertainment with promises of camaraderie! Source: Technocrat