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Five representatives from the University of Abra (UA) actively took part in a recently concluded Regional Youth Leaders’ Summit (RYLS), highlighting the university's commitment to well-rounded leadership. Discourse and collaboration among the region's emerging leaders took place at the Panagtipun 2023 RYLS with the theme Cordillera Youth Leaders Unite for Change amidst Challenges, held from  November 17 to 19 at the City of Baguio.

The summit, organized by the Cordillera Youth Center (CYC) and KIYO, was participated by representatives of esteemed tertiary education institutes in the Cordillera Administrative Region such as University of the Philippines-Baguio (UP-Baguio), Saint Louis University (SLU), Benguet State University (BSU), University of Abra (UA), and Kalinga State University (KSU).

UA student representatives, Roderick C. Cabudol (SG-Bangued President), Allen Benedict D. Terneo (SG-Lagangilang President), Lord Eljeen Bayugo (FMG Governor), Erica T. Ocampo (PLOW Editor-in-Chief), and Xykan F. Balleras (Technocrat Editor-in-Chief), contributed actively, aligning with the university's ethos of leadership, knowledge, and community service. Their engagement reflected a commitment to cultivating leaders with civic responsibility.

Beyond the structured sessions of the summit, it also provided a valuable platform for networking and idea exchanges among student leaders of the participating institutions. IFSU and UA student leaders started to plan in conducting collaborative workshops and seminars, applying assimilated learnings. The event's corridors echoed with shared aspirations and dedication to catalyzing positive change.

As the summit concluded, the delegates emerged not just as participants but as ambassadors of academic excellence and civic duty.

In an era where youth voices are crucial, UA representatives expressed gratitude to youth-led organizations, CYC & KIYO, for providing a platform to amplify youth perspectives and to contribute meaningfully to societal discourse. The summit not only served as a means for exchanging ideas but also for establishing connections, transcending geographical boundaries, among student leaders, a significant achievement in convening diverse voices for constructive dialogue.

Through Panagtipun 2023, student leaders were given the opportunity to shape a path towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and empowered Cordillera. Source: ERICA T. OCAMPO , PLOW editor-in-chief

UA representatives from Lagangilang and Bangued Campuses garnered 3rd place in making an interactive and informative social media story that was based on their chosen advocacy - EKOLOHISTA: Preserving Life and Conservation Strategies for a Healthy Planet.

UA receives a token for participating in the recent Regional Youth Leaders’ Summit at the City of Pines, Baguio. In photos from left to right, Allen Benedict Terneo and Erica Ocampo from the Main Campus and  Xykan F. Balleras, Lord Eljeen Bayugo, and Roderick C. Cabudol from the Bangued Campus.

UA Student Council Roderick C. Cabudol (SG-Bangued President), Allen Benedict Terneo (SG-Lagangilang President), Lord Eljeen Bayugo (FMG Governor),  and other student representatives’ during the workshop on advocacy planning.

Student representatives from the different School Publications and Students’ Councils of the Cordillera region after the benchmarking activity at the University of the Philippines-Baguio.

Celebrating diversity, Cordillera Student Leaders during their Solidarity Night.