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The ASIST-Cordi101 Team attended the 6th Heritage AIM, held on November 22-23, 2023 at Ifugao State University. Under the theme "Celebrating ELDER," the event aimed at finalizing the Cordillera Heritage 101 workbook, a crucial step before its distribution to various Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the region.

 The event commenced with traditional rituals and warm welcome remarks from local officials and education leaders. Ifugao Rep. Solomon Chungalao, the distinguished guest speaker, underscored the workbook's pivotal role in preserving the unique cultural identity of Cordillera and dispelling misconceptions, thereby aligning with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. The participants were then treated to captivating cultural performances by the IFSU Community.

As the day unfolded, the authors presented different chapters of the workbook to the esteemed elders for validation. The feedback primarily centered on ensuring content accuracy, a key aspect in harmony with SDG 4: Quality Education.

Following the consolidation of elder recommendations, the authors and the editorial team delved into discussions on incorporating suggestions, finalizing both photos and text, and addressing the logistics of printing for the different HEIs in CAR, thus aligning with SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals. The event concluded with a token of appreciation from IFSU, fostering hope for the full implementation of Cordillera Heritage 101 by 2024.

In essence, the event marked a milestone in the realization of the course workbook. Stakeholders actively sought guidance from elders, ensuring the fine-tuning of materials to authentically showcase Cordillera heritage. The completed workbook is poised to enhance socio-cultural and economic heritage learning for students across the region, contributing to a more enriched educational landscape. Source: Patrick A. Benedito, Cordillera Heritage 101 Workbook Author

Team ASIST-Cordi101 (Left to Right) Petronilo Elveña, Patrick Benedito, Dr. Maria Rebecca Talledo (CIM Director), Dr. Noel Begnalen (VPAA)

The Cordillera Heritage 101 Workbook authors and editors with the CHED-CAR and IFSU Education leaders and Ifugao local leaders.

The Cordillera Heritage Workbook

The Cordillera Heritage 101 Workbook – Chapter 3: the Abra Heritage

Some of the Cordillera Heritage 101 Workbook Authors and Editors with CHED-CAR officials and Cordillera IP Elders.