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The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, 3rd and 4th year students majoring in Animal Science and Organic Agriculture together with their subject teachers have undergone 3 days of “Training on Basic Bee Keeping” at the National Apiculture Research and Development Institute (NARTDI), Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Bacnotan, La Union on November 7-9, 2023.

Eight (8) BSA 4 major in Animal Science(AS); Seven (7) BSA 3 Major in Animal Science(AS); and six (6) BSA 3, major in Organic Agriculture (OA) with 2 faculty attended the training. The said training has equipped the knowledge, skills, and work attitude of the said students and faculty in the following areas of apiculture management and production: Apiary Orientation; Honeybee Biology; Bee Keeping Tools, Equipment, and Hive Construction; Hive Management; Honeybee Pest, Predators, and Disease Management; Bee Pasture Development and Pollination; and honeybee products packaging, processing, utilization, and marketing; and the economics of beekeeping.  

On the 3rd day of the training, participants visited some Beekeeper’s Apiary and conducted a hands-on evaluation of the colony under the extension program of the NARTDI. Source: Dr. Talugay G. Patagao,CAFC

The BSA students and faculty visited the old and new NARTDI Office, a part of the Orientation.

The staff of NARTDI while doing on-site apiary orientation to the participants.

The hands-on activity “ Evaluation of Colonies”.