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Faculty members from three campuses recently participated in In-Service Training (INSET) as part of the FRAME (Faculty Re-engineering Academy for Masterclasses and Excellent College Instruction) Project, which was spearheaded by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The goal of this program, which was the first stage of the FRAME Project, was to change the way that ASIST delivered instruction by emphasizing the acquisition of new pedagogical concepts for improved college learning transfer.

Three batches of the project's essential activity, SHAPE, were conducted. On September 11–12, 2023, the first group of 87 faculty members, both permanent and temporary, from the Main Campus and Lapaz Campus gathered at the ASIST Training and Development Center (ATDC) in Lagangilang, Abra. On September 14–15, 2023, the second batch of 94 academic members from Bangued Campus met in the Gabaldon Building's Social Hall in Bangued Abra. On October 3–4, 2023, at ATDC, the last group of 85 faculty members with Contract of Service received the training.

Dr. Maria Rebecca B. Talledo, Director for Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development (CIMD), spoke to the faculty on the first day of INSET about how they can fulfill their roles in teaching, research, extension, and production at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) while actively addressing the demands of Education 5.0, Society 5.0, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She also talked about constructivism and how it can be used in college classes. Dr. Noel B. Begnalen, Vice President for Academic Affairs, gave insights on brain-based learning and active metacognitive learning strategies to aid students in learning new information after the health break.

Each batch invited demonstration instructors who emphasized brain-based learning, metacognitive learning, and constructivist teaching methods. With the awarding of certificates and participant evaluations, the INSET successfully brought the training program to an end. Source:  Maria Rebecca B. Talledo, CIMD Director

The Lagangilang Campus faculty members attentively listen to the discussion of the VP for Academic Affairs on the strategies and approaches for college teaching

The faculty members of Lagangilang Campus prepare their instructional process through a workshop.

Dr. Noel B. Begnalen, PhD, VP for Academic Affairs, discusses metacognitive learning and brain-based teaching as approaches in college instruction.

Selected faculty members conduct demonstration teaching in their own area of specialization focusing on construction of new knowledge through metacognitive learning and brain-based teaching strategies

Bangued Campus Faculty undergo workshop on college instructional process preparation