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The 2023 Agency In-House Review research efforts were classified into four categories: Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources, Education, Social Science, and Industry Energy and Emerging Technologies.

This event facilitated collaboration among representatives from various institutions, including CorCaarrd, Cierdec, and ASIST Faculty, representing diverse college departments. Across these clusters, a total of 58 research papers were presented, with 8 papers in the AANR Cluster, 16 in the Education Cluster, 20 in the Social Science Cluster, and 14 in the IEET Cluster.

During the review process, the AANR (Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources) cluster emphasized the need to highlight key findings, conduct comprehensive assessments using technology assessment protocols, and provide thorough background analysis to enhance the clarity, assessment depth, and contextual understanding of research presentations.

The Social Science Cluster received feedback regarding the need to establish clear philosophical frameworks, articulate research directions, integrate demographic data, and emphasize the practicality and real-world impact of their work. These recommendations aim to enhance the quality and applicability of research in the social sciences.

In the Education Cluster, recommendations centered on diversifying research topics, extending research output outreach, ensuring practical applicability, and assessing the long-term impact and implementation of research findings in educational settings.

Within the Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology (IEET) cluster, researchers were encouraged to include operational definitions, highlight nutritional aspects, identify research gaps, and discuss sustainability to improve the relevance and clarity of their work.

Finally, the commitment to improving research quality and relevance in these diverse clusters is crucial for driving positive change and progress in their respective fields. Thank you very much for your dedication and contributions to advancing knowledge and informed decision-making. Source: R&D Office