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In a groundbreaking initiative, the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology (ASIST) has emerged as a driving force behind the seamless reintegration of rebel returnees and inmates into the community, marking a significant step towards fostering social harmony and rehabilitation.

These 2-part reintegration programs were made possible through the efforts of the Extension Office through the leadership of Dr. Zarina Marianette Orejudos and the College of Teacher Education and its Extension Coordinator, Dr. Franxes Ghia Tordil. It took them 5 years to complete both projects.

 The reintegration program for the PDL of Bucay District Jail took its first flight in the year 2015 and ended by the year 2019. Said program consisted of livelihood seminars such as butchi, squash crackers, miki and canton noodle making. Towards the end of 2019, the canton and miki noodle production at Bucay District Jail prospered and successfully competed in the local market.

 The second part of the reintegration program focusing on the rebel returnees was initiated early in the year 2021 and successfully culminated last year, 2022. The project aimed to help the rebel returnees launch a small livelihood for their income generation. Each of them were received a single piece of swine to raise and some farming tools to upkeep with agriculture

 Monitoring and impact assessment continues on both projects up to date. Source: Ghuia U. Tordil & Donna Joy Valdez, CTEHT

Dr. Zarina Marianette Orejudos speaks on the rationale of the reintegration program of rebel returnees.

The rebel returnees during the swine dispersal program with the Extension staff.

The PDL of Bucay District Jail with the Warden, JINSP Reynaldo Belmes and the CTEHT Extension Staff and their Dean Dr. Nilda Bautista.

Prof. Gemma Gonzalo demonstrates butchi making to the PDL.

Photos taken during the first monitoring at Bucay District Jail